NeoSteam Launches the Ranking System

New Update and Current NeoSteam Events

After 2 months of its successful open beta, NeoSteam is continuously bringing the steam-experience to the next level! Join the NeoSteam world with its latest events and newest update!

Ranking System released!

Good news to all pvp lovers! On July 24, the NeoSteam Ranking System will finally be opened. It’s time to see who the best steamer in town is! The latest update will surely pit all steamers to be called the best player in Neosteam. Be sure to collect those patriotism points and be the pride of your nation.

Latest events

Two new exciting events were introduced this month – Nations at Conflict: Consequences of War and the Masteral Academy.

Nations at Conflict: Consequences of War

As a preparation for the coming RvR, Nations at conflict focuses on a massive war of the two nations. Each nation is given a time limit to eliminate the general of the opposing team. It is up to the defending team to protect the general at all cost! Technology vs. Magic…Choose the path of your destiny.

Masteral Academy

Masteral Academy is composed of 4 guilds for each character class – Fighter, Rogue, Mage and Craftor. This event encourages new players to join their specified class guild to learn and understand more about NeoSteam. Guild activities are regularly held within the guild like doing quests, hunting monsters and many more. Be sure to join the Masteral Academy in your first step in the NeoSteam world and you’ll be a pro in no time.

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