Neverland Online Announces New Version

Neverland Online Announces New Version

OPI Games announced the new version of Neverland Online is coming around the end of March. The new version will add a major content update such as mount system, new maps, new instances, and much more. Here are the entire release note below:


1. Mount system: The rebirth players can go to visit NPC Tristone Taoist in Echo Dale to claim the quest of legend of beast, and they get a mount after they finish the quest. Players with mount can go on claim quests from Tristone Taoist to get more mount skills. (Players can also obtain mounts from Nobility Chest)


2. Pet Understanding Skill system: Players can use item named Tear of Wisdom Guardian to help pets comprehend pet skills. Players in guild can claim a Tear of Wisdom Guardian from Guild Messenger everyday. 


3. Pet Inside Elixir system: Pet can get stronger with the help of Inside Elixir. Players of level 50+ can enter Ground of the Nihility (elite) through Foot of Evermountain, and they can claim quest from NPC Nihil the Sage to make their pets stronger.


4. New map Underwater World and related new quests: The rebirth players can accept the quest of Water Orb from Katherine in World End, and player who wears Water Orb can enter Underwater World through Mirage.(Please preserve Water Orb, or you cannot enter the Underwater World).


5. Add new bosses in the lv25-lv95 wild map: and adjust the drop of Millennium White Snake. Players can obtain Area Currency by killing bosses, which can exchange gifts.


6. Silver VIP Card: players can purchase Silver VIP Card in the gold store. A Silver VIP Card members leveled 50+ can enter the Silver VIP Card instance in Line 2 Prosper Square, where they can catch pet Dora.


7. Adjust the guild application: For players who want to join in guild. Players can go to find Guild elder manager to apply for the guild they want to join.


8. Guild Lobby: players in guild can enter the Guild Lobby through Guild elder manager, and the other guild-related NPCs in the Prosper City are moved to Guild Lobby.


9. Sabre Versus Sword instance: players of lv 28+ can enter the instance in the Prosper City.


10. Monsters Valley instance: players of lv 80+ in a raid can enter Monsters Valley instance through Alone Peak.


11. Burning Village instance: players of lv 90+ in a raid can enter the instance through Skybeyond Teleport Circle.


12 Rebirth equipments crafting guide: players can crafting related equipment in the craft panel.


13. Event of Rebuilding Order: Players of lv 101-109 can claim quest from
Frontline Scout(26?60) in Mountain Doom to open the teleport circle to the Black Stone Fortress during event time?(13:00-13:40).


Neverland Online - Lots of people are eager to learn about the new version.jpg  Alt Tag: Neverland Online - Lots of people are eager to learn about the new version
Neverland Online – Lots of people are eager
 to learn about the new version


14. Challenge quests: for players of lv 100-109. Challenge quests for players of lv 100-104. NPC: Zane Wei in The Crossing. Challenge quest for players of lv105-lv109, NPC: Zane Wei in The Crossing.


15. Fight against Holy Beast: for players of lv101-110. NPC: Crimson Taoist in the Prosper City.
Quest items arrive at silver coin store.


16. Increase the durability of Arena equipments: and add shoulder and Cloak as Arena equipments.


17. Master Book: Players of lv 50+ can apply for becoming a master in the related NPC.


18. New ladder: including glory, attainment gear pet, player can see the ladders of the whole server from announcement panel.


19. Adjust the image of the monsters: in Golden Port, Phoenix Altar, West Marsh, Echo Dale, and Mountain Doom.


20. Surprising gift in the challenge quest: players will get a surprising gift after they finish 4 turns of challenge quest in a day.


21. Adjust the interface: of chest panel.


22. Decrease the amount of required silver credit: when purchasing weekly blessing.


23. Add new message board quests: in the level period of 35-60.


24. New item named Heavenly Red Ribbon: players can purchase it from Honest Wu in Forbidden City to catch Butterfly Sprite as pet.


25. New items: named Demon Binding Chain Chaos Bag, players can purchase them in the instance shop of upper hallow cavern to catch the Moon Sea Sprite Cat Sprite.


26. New items: named Gold Rope Taoist Jug, players can purchase them from Kelvin in the Wave Square to catch the Clam Sprite Crab in the Underwater World.


27. Adjust the world map.


28. Adjust the releasing NPC of Challenge Quest.


29. Adjust the store interface


30. Decrease the amount: of capital of enable guild blacksmith to 15000.



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