Neverland Online Easter Spree

Neverland Online Easter Spree


OPI Games has released their plan for celebrating both Easter and the launch of Neverland Online’s New Version, officially named “Divine Mounts” by the user-base. Here is a list of events which players can participate during the Easter Holiday.

Event One: Easter Eggs
Get your own decorated Easter eggs In celebration with Easter, neverland players can get their own free Easter eggs in the game. Players can also participate in bunny hunting events, which players can win double exp potions, gift boxes and more.

Event Two: Item sales event
During Easter, players can buy some of their favorite item shop items such as double exp potions, rare AOE pets, gold coupons and more for only 25 cents each. Also new mystery items will be added to the item shop.

Event Three: Leveling competition
The leveling competition and special instances Leveling contest will start once Neverland Online New version is online. Not only there will be handsome rewards for the top 10 levelers, everyone who reaches level 20 can also enter the special event instance to challenge the legendary beasts. If players are strong enough to defeat the legendary beasts, they will receive random exclusive items such as transformation cards. In addition, players can discover more special instances when they enter the game.

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