Neverland Online: Introducing Guild Hall System

Neverland Online: Introducing Guild Hall System


OPI Games has introduced a new Guild Hall System in Neverland Online. Guilds bond players together and create a virtual family. Players can now build their own guild hall by completing quests. Here players can communicate with and befriend other guildies.

Players’ in-game activity will contribute to guild activity, and guild activity can upgrade guild level. The higher leveled guild gives players in guild more privileges.

The guild quests are divided into three categories: ordinary quests, important quests and mystery quests.

Ordinary quest
Ordinary quests can be claimed from the guild messenger and guild merchant. Such as the quests of “Brother of one Mind”, “nuwa’s legacy”, and quests involves killing monsters.

Important quest
Important quests are simpler than the Ordinary quest, involving only killing specific monsters, the quest will give you more exp but the monsters are not more powerful than usual. It will consume certain amount of silver (credit) to accept the quest. Besides the exp, you can gain personal guild reputation and activity of guild through this quest.

Mystery quest
Mystery quests are a quick fix when you want to gain guild reputation urgently. It can be claimed from the guild messengers of Prosper City, World End, and Wild Town. Players will consume gold (credit) to buy materials to finish the quest. So finishing ordinary quests every day is definitely a wise choice.

Guild quests help guild upgrade and players can gain reputation from them. The guild members can buy necklace and wrist support from the guild mall when their guild reach the required level. And this is the only way to obtain the two equipments in the game currently. United together and bring about a better guild, a new home.



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