Neverwinter Apologizes for Cat-tasprophe

That week went by quickly! The developers of Neverwinter have announced the details of the Caterday Survivor’s Pack. After Neverwinter experienced an exploit which can only be described as economy breaking the servers had to be brought down for the majority of the day before it was finally decided that a 7 hour rollback would be required. Anticipating the outcries of “OMG My Stuff” and “But I got over 9000 levels!” The developers quickly promised a bit of a thank you for the loss and everything else associated with the event. They had said it could take up to the end of the week before they could announce anything but since they don’t like to keep us waiting what the thank you package includes has been announced!

The Caterday Survivor’s Pack Includes:

Stone of Health

Cape of Catastrophe


Dwarven Facemask

5x Teleport Scroll – Protector’s Enclave

2x Adventurer’s XP Booster

The pack will be available for all characters made before 5AM Pacific Time on Sunday, May 19th when the problem was discovered. You’ll be able to find it in your in-game mail attached to the “You Survived!” message.

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