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The mechanism of enchantment
Enchantment will be a “luxury” profession in Wakfu. Enchantment begins with a simple idea: you take an existing piece of equipment and break it in order to create new magical runes. These runes are then placed onto items to give them special powers.
Enchantment consists of combining resources and blank runes to impregnate them and create magically charged runes. Then you put these charged runes together in order to place them on a piece of equipment.
Then, you can choose which bonus to impregnate by transforming a resource into magic charge inside the rune. Each resource tends naturally towards one of the four main elements (earth, water, fire, air). The combination of certain resources will allow you to receive a specific bonus once the impregnation is complete.
Furthermore, you can take an equipment rune and placing it onto a piece of equipment, armor or weapons. Just like the rune, each item has its own maximum magic capacity, which depends on its levels and its other bonuses.
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Dynamic challenges

As Wakfu won’t have any NPCs, we created in order to have quest, Dynamic challenges. It aims at keeping players entertained all the time so that there’s always something for them to do in the World of Wakfu. These challenges are selected from a semi-random list and are launched only when several conditions are met (time, area…). Challenges will be available solo, but also team play.
There are several challenge categories in Wakfu:
• Kill Challenge: kill creatures or people
• Ecosystem Challenge: linked to the ecosystem
• Social Challenge: crafting, for instance
• Discovery Challenge: exploration of certain areas

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