New BattleCity for the New Year

BattleCity is a free action and strategy online multiplayer game. Players build, defend and attack cities in an endless quest for control and dominance. Download BattleCity to join the battle now! Visit

If you haven’t played BattleCity this year you’ll need to re-download the game because several big changes have been made in order to kick-off 2008 with more strategy and action than ever before:

– New ownership (Looble Network) and developers (Weebo & Vindkast!)
– 20 Walls instead of 5
– 5 Meds instead of 4
– 5 DFG’s instead of 3
– Time players remain stuck in DFG reduced to 5 seconds (was 7)
– New "Point Per Death" statistic on Top 20 and when right-clicking players
– Max cash and starting cash increased for mayors
– Starting cities changed
– ALL SCORES RESET! Now is your chance to be ranked #1 on the Top 20!

We don’t plan to stop here. A new "decoy" item will soon be introduced as well as many other exciting features which you can read about by visiting the "Roadmap" section of the website. Please sign up for the new forums to share your suggestions and ideas. Your opinions will shape the future of BattleCity!

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