New character to arrive in LOCO

new character to arrive in LOCO

burda:ic revealed details about the first new character to arrive in LOCO – Land of Chaos Online: massive, close-combat fighter AAKbah. Making his debut in the Land of Chaos on Sep. 14, AAKbah will be joined by two additional new fighters, Ellan and Partisan, in the coming weeks.


AAKbah has no recollection of his past, and no idea how he became the formidable opponent he is today. Waking up chained in the middle of a dark, empty dungeon, he was left to his own devices and has never figured out who placed him in solitude. With an insatiable rage burning within him, AAKbah broke free from his remote prison and now fights to uncover and take revenge upon those who transformed him into a monster. In the depths of his tortured mind, all he vaguely recalls is a lone woman looking down upon him in captivity.


The first new character to arrive in LOCO - Land of Chaos Online is massive, close-combat fighter AAKbah


AAKbah is a close-combat expert, utilizing his brute strength and dark arts to deal out massive damage to foes and structures alike. As AAKbah, players can increase the damage they do to their opponents by stringing together specific skills. When manning the frontline, players may want to consider using Bone Spear followed by Splatter Press, both ranged attacks, to reach opponents in the midfield before rushing in for the kill. When in close combat, Gore Tentacle can be used to hold an opponent in place and set up the doomed adversary for AAKbah’s ultimate damage dealing skill, Berserk Rage.

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