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Citadel: Forged with Fire News

Blue Isle Studios has conjured up the first of many planned updates for its wizardly world of Citadel: Forged With Fire which recently launched on Steam’s Early Access. The game’s very first update includes Iron Armor, ‘The Bear Claw Gauntlet’ and five crafting recipes. Here are the specifics for the game update, which goes live Wednesday:

  • Five New Crafting Recipes: Featured in the early levels of the game, supporting players who are just finding their way through Ignus allowing for more options to enhance your experience.
  • Iron Armor: The first addition to your armor wardrobe is Iron. Unlock the Iron set in the knowledge tree and repurpose the natural iron deposits of Ignus into robust and protective garb!
  • Bear Claw Gauntlet: A more barbaric weapon is great for hunting, created by hunting and killing the savage bears of Ignus and using their pelts and bones to create this daunting weapon, the Bear Claw Gauntlet is a great early-game choice for casting devastating damage-over-time spells that the gauntlet is known for.
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