New Early Access Column Preview: Realm of the Titans

New Early Access Columns Coming Soon: Realm of the Titans Preview

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Journalist



Hey OnRPG viewers!  This is DizzyPW bringing a special update about my next Early Access column. On the week of July 11th, I will be flying out to Santa Clara to get some near exclusive early access to Aeria Games’ upcoming DotA inspired hit, Realm of the Titans.


Those familiar with our Eden Eternal series should know that this means OnRPG will be bringing you the earliest and most in-depth look available for Realm of the Titans that you will find anywhere. So stay tuned 2 weeks from now to learn how Realm of the Titans stacks up in the ever increasingly competitive DotA strategy gaming market!


To tide you over until then, we have a short discussion of the Realm of the Titans “Crystal System.”



The Crystal System in Realm of the Titans is an upgrade system that rewards dedicated players for multiple matches. It features all of the following:

In-Game Bonus Skills – Base Titan skills spice up combat by offering a set of bonus skill options prior to each match. Use Titan skills to supplement your hero-specific skills


More Victories, More Boosts – After each match, players receive Battle Points (BP) and valuable rewards, depending on your in-game performance. BP unlocks the Crystal upgrade system for Titan skills. Use your match rewards to upgrade Titan skills via the Crystal system.


Permanent Upgrades – Available Titan skill upgrades include mana cost reduction, cooldown time reduction, range increase and many more.


Customize Your Strategy – Heavily invest in a handful of Titan skills, or spread earned upgrades across them all, depending on your play style.



You can get a closer look at this system by checking out the image section of our Realm of the Titans Profile Page. Realm of the Titans is promising to change the way Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas are done with a slew of new features ranging from mounts to multiple trap filled battle maps. But if you want more juicy details, you will have to come back in July!

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