New Fire-Team Mode Now Available For Combat Arms

New Fire-Team Mode Now Available For Combat Arms


Combat Arms, a fast-paced online first person shooter (FPS) from Nexon America, has released “Operation: Desert Fox”, a new cooperative battle map where players join forces to defeat an evil terrorist faction in a content update for Dec. 15th. The Desert Fox mission adds another PVE map to Combat Arms, giving players an exciting new way to level up their soldiers, as well as earn exclusive rewards once they beat the mission.


Crazy Like a Desert Fox


Set in the rough desert terrain of Mogadishu, players discover that forces will be sent to investigate a person of interest believed to somehow be connected to a terrorist plot. The mission is to pinpoint the suspect’s exact location, capture him alive, obtain strategic attack information, and ultimately put a stop to the terrorist cell.


Players are encouraged to suit up with Codename: Raven, a new specialist added to the elite roster of Combat Arms soldiers. Codename: Raven is a brilliant tactician and comes equipped with a light armor vest, making her one of the fastest of the known specialists. While she is renowned for her blinding speed in battle, she brings a calm, strategic approach to firefights, and an ability to get past any computer security system, no matter how complex. 


Desert Fox offers high-impact action, and new ways to level up and earn exclusive items upon completing the mission.


For more information on Combat Arms, or to download and play for free, go to the official website.

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