New Game World, Inc. Announces Immortals USA new Eternal Heaven World

New York, N.Y., April 24, 2007- New Game World, Inc., publisher of interactive entertainment content, has announced the upcoming April release of a new ImmortalsUSA MMO game world to be known as Eternal Heaven.

"The Eternal Heaven server of Immortals will provide a new improved questing experience for MMO players seeking a rich participation in the world of ancient Chinese Mythology.” says Edward C. Andercheck, Chairman of New Game World, Inc., “Honor Games International has created an artistic and engaging platform for this online journey into epic Chinese Mythology Adventuring.”

The Immortals USA Eternal Heaven server provides beautiful Asian countryside environments for pursuing quests and a strong mmo community driven game play experience. Eternal Heaven will be a subscription based server world to be priced at $12.25 per month and offered with a free 21 day trial period starting in April. 
With 5,000 years of Chinese mythology, all in one game. There is possibly no other MMORPG matching the breadth and scope of Immortals in putting together the time-honored deities, heroes, creatures and demons from 5000 years of Chinese mythology. If you are bold enough to seek immortality join the quest in Eternal Heaven at

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