New Grand Chase Trailer and Championship

New Grand Chase Trailer and Championship
The Online Action Brawler Prepares For A Worldwide Game Tournament Taking Place December 28 Through December 31 In Dae-Gu, South Korea
Irvine, Calif., December 21, 2009 – Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today it has released a brand new trailer for its online action-adventure MMO brawler, Grand Chase.  The company also revealed details about Jin’s third job, as well as its worldwide game tournament and pep rally for Grand Chase, with the tournament taking place December 28 through December 31 in Dae-Gu, South Korea.
We’re pleased to introduce the newest trailer to our players, and very excited to unveil the details of Grand Chase World Championship 2009 Tournament,” said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. “For Ntreev, it is a chance for us to get on the road to find the best Grand Chase players out there.”

About Grand Chase World Championship 2009

Tournament Countries participating in the tournament include United States, Korea, Brazil, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Taking place December 28 through December 31, a total of 21 players will participate.  Three players from each country will be competing in Korea, with flight, hotel accommodations and meal expenses provided by the developer of Grand Chase, KOG.
The schedule for the tournament involves the players arriving in Korea on Monday, December 28th, the tournament taking place on Tuesday, December 29th in Dae-Gu, and a tour of Dae-Gu on Wednesday, December 30th. Players will depart Korea on Thursday, December 31. The tournament will feature three players versus three players in a team match and one versus one in a survival match. Prizes will be rewarded for both these matches. First prize includes $1,500 and $500, second place winners will $900 and $300, and third place winners will receive $600 and $200.

For players who are not attending the tournament, special 2009 GWC Team Spirit Badges will fall from dungeons at a 15% drop rate beginning December 16 through January 5th. Users can donate their collected badges to their respective region’s teams.  Once at least 500 badges have been donated, users will receive a 2009 GWC Team Spirit Sign.

About Jin’s Third Job: Asura

Having been defeated by the Ascendant God, Asura prepared to meet his end. He announced his final holy edict and commanded that once a great warrior was found he should inherit the title of “Asura.” Jin, having heeded the late Asura’s call, took on the rigorous test of improving his mind and his fighting skills. Upon receiving the Asura’s weapon, the Chamma, and the divine teachings, Jin became the Asura: the divine warrior.
With its light weight and long reach the Chamma is a highly efficient weapon that allows for speedy combos and thrusts, allowing one to attack enemies from a safe distance. Currently, Jin compensates for his close range fighting, a rather weak point, with his quick moves and dodges. However, Asura not only possesses speed and long range fighting abilities, he also has a variety of attacks and evasive moves all stemming from his combo attacks.
The combination of the Burning Skill and the Chamma gives Asura a special quality that allows for enhanced destructive power combined with restraint. The Chamma can be unequipped and foes small and large can be fought with fists. However, fighting with one’s bare hands is less powerful than fighting with the Chamma, therefore fighting an enemy with high defense or high attack with the Chamma is much more effective.
By using his basic skills, Asura’s 1st grade attack swings the Chamma twice to gain power for an upward strike that sends enemies into the air, the 2nd grade attack sends the Asura into a flip, slamming his Chamma down with each rotation, ending in a final heavy strike and finally the 3rd grade attack is a windmill attack that strikes multiple times before the Asura plants his Chamma, flies into the air and comes charging back down to earth with destructive force.
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