New Hero System in EmpireCraft: World Supremacy

New Hero System in EmpireCraft: World Supremacy


OPI Games today has released new details on EmpireCraft: World Supremacy. The new expansion will introduce many new features such as a brand new hero system.


A number of significant changes in the new version 

1. Heroes will become more “specialized”. Only officer heroes are allowed to appoint a mayor. In new version you will get more exp from being a mayor. The hero who isn’t officer will not be relieved automatically, but if you relieved him from mayor, you will never appoint him to a mayor again.


Old version Exp:
Empire Craft Old Exp 


New version Exp:
EmpireCraft New Exp 



Only gladiator heroes are allowed to act a duel in arena. If you challenge other hero spontaneously, your hero will spend 6 energy. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, and your hero will get exp. If you win, you will get more exp. The integration rule of arena will don’t change, arena exp book will be cancelled; you could buy it in shop. Your hero will get more exp in new arena.



Empirecraft Win/Lose



2. You will get more exp in new version. The monster will strongerg, but if you attack it and win, you will get more exp. We also added training ground arena (It fit for lvl1~lvl10 hero), the energy depleted rule is the same as arena, training ground don’t have the integral reward, but it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, your hero will get exp!


More Empire Craft Features: 
– Full Feature Browser Based RTS + RPG
– Multi-player, compete against thousands of people from around the world
– Huge medieval fantasy game world with thousands of rewarding quests
– Three distinct races and thousands of quests
– Hero system with extensive RPG elements
– Completely browser-based, no downloads required, and free to play
– Playable via Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera
– Regular major content updates 

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