New Instance Dungeon Invites You for New Challenge

Age of Armor (AOA) now is coming to its second episode, Dark Valley, by the end of the first episode, there will be a new challenge for all the AOA players, a new Instance Dungeon is designed for the end the first chapter, and start the second chapter. This Instance Dungeon is called the Defense of the Nuclear Reactor Fusion.

In this special dungeon, time limitation is one hour, and players are not supported to seek and kill, but defend the reactor fusion. Every 5 minutes, there will be several swarms of invaders appear in the zone, and start to do damage on the reactor, what the players need to do is kill them before they destroy the reactor, however, be care of your weapons, players weapons can all do damage on the reactor, and if the reactor is destroyed, the mission failed, and the players will be transported out of the instance dungeon no matter how much time left. There will be a boss spawn at every 3 swarms of monster, and there will be 3 bosses in all in this Instance Dungeon.

This dungeon is not like Exotic Planet at all, especially those monsters, they are not easy to kill this time, they do not appears too many at one time, but with higher damage and hit points, the players need to kill them fast enough or there will be more monsters spawning, and that will result the failure of the action. To enter the instance dungeon, one needs to finish a pre-request, an easy task.

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