New Legendary System in WoW

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So, World of Warcraft has changed how they deal with Legendaries, and I’m still kind of on the fence about it. The way it used to work is you’d have months and months [literally] of farming drops. Sometimes years! I still have a pile of incomplete legendaries across a plethora of characters. They are designed to take forever to craft so that when you have them, you feel a deep sense of accomplishment: Like you really earned that shit. I like that idea, but the percentages for some of these items to drop are so ludicrous that it’s not really worth the time invested in it. More recent legendaries like Shadowmourne, WhateverthatRogueitemwas, and the newer Mage Staff [RIP Vanilla/BC] are more or less guaranteed if you work at it and put the time in. But it will definitely take a billion years to do so. It will happen, that’s the important takeaway. But how did they change it you might ask?

WoW Legion Impressions - The Runewood

It’s a Diablo 3 system. There are legendaries for pretty much every slot outside of weapons and there are specific ones for your class and generic ones as well [but that I’m not 100% on]. They drop from a variety of sources, such as the World Quest chests as a big example. They have cool abilities and are definitely worth finding, but that’s just it: Now they’re random. They could drop anytime or never drop at all [if you’re like me]. You can equip one at a time, unless you spend research time/resources into being able to equip more than one. Therein lies where I am at an impasse. I love the system because I could get them anywhere, but will I? At least with Shadowmourne I knew that it would happen, with enough time and dedication. Now, with enough time, dedication and RNG, they will be mine!

What do you guys think though? Is it fine this way? Was the old way better? Can you wait to be dripping in legendaries?

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  • Eric Marsh

    I think there should be an in-between option, personally. Having RNG-endaries really takes the awe out of looking at other players’ gear because I can see “Oh, you got super lucky and that’s why you’re pulling good numbers” or “Oh, you got super lucky and STILL can’t hit the broadside of a barn on the meters”. There’s always that “how dare you get super-lucky and get a massive ilvl boost” feeling now. Before, while the legendaries were limited to certain classes and weren’t attainable outside of hardcore raiding, at least they were rare and prestigious. Now they feel dime-a-dozen, despite the fact that they’re still rare, and more often are used as excuses and/or scapegoats for performance in group settings.

    All of my concerns could be waylaid, however, if there was a way for us to target a particular legendary and send our Order Hall Champions out on a quest to locate it, then give us a scenario or optional boss in a dungeon from whom to go and snag it.

    Get on that Blizzard!

    • Ragachak

      Now that’s a system I could get behind.

  • Jestra

    I personally preferred the way you got them with shadowmorne fangs of the father tarecgosas wrath and val’nyr, you actually had to work for it, but I mean they just switched that over to artifacts, the legendary system now I prefer over the past two expansions, it was pretty much like Oprah, you get a legendary you get a legendary EVERYBODY GETS A LEGENDARY! Let alone if you didn’t have the legendary you couldn’t come close to competing dps wise. It could be because my class/spec doesn’t really have a great cool legendary but I’m probably one of the only people that just doesn’t care about them at the moment it’s just a stat stick, my character doesn’t get too look any cooler I just get an ilvl increase, but their whole loot system has been annoying me since wrath, since yano everyone has epics now