New Rewards for Players that Reach Level 10!

For those of you who are already playing and for those of you who just started playing Shadow of Legend, we want to let you know that we’re offering something very special to new characters from now on. No, it’s not your own BMW or your own private jet (if we could, we would). Instead, we are rewarding new characters a package of goodies for when they reach level 10. This package is to reward them for their valiant and courageous efforts in the game so far and more importantly, to prepare them for the dangerous challenges and quests up ahead.

So… what’s in this “Package of Goodies”?

Here’s a list:
• Blue Armor for the head, body, arms, and legs
• Blue Weapon
• Health and/or Mana potions
• 10,000 pieces of gold

How will I receive this package?

In recognition of your level up to level 10, the Adventurer Association will congratulate you on your accomplishment, and automatically send you a package through the mail system. You will recognize the package, for it will be called “Gift Package from the Adventurer Association.” Blunt, I know… haha.

Good Luck reaching Level 10, and happy adventuring!

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