New SOL Server “GreyRock” Set to Release June 26th!

Mark your calendars, because we have something NEW and BIG in store for you!

The Grand Opening of our new server, “GreyRock” is set to open at 6:00pm PST, June 26th (1:00am GMT, June 27th).

The existing “Horea” Pacific server will stay “as is”, meaning there will be no character wipes, no time changes, and no transferring of characters through servers. The “GreyRock” server will be a clone of the “Horea” Pacific server, except that everyone will begin at the same level, providing us the opportunity to introduce the… leveling up contest! Yay!

GreyRock server Leveling-Up contest

Location: server “GreyRock”

When: June 26th 6:00pm PST – July 10th 6:00pm PST (June 27th 1:00am GMT – July 11th 1:00am GMT)

• First place will receive (1) a never-before released mount, and (2) 5,000 SOL diamonds.
• Second to Fifth place will receive (1) a never-before released mount, and (2) 1,000 SOL diamonds.
• Sixth to Tenth place will receive 1,000 SOL diamonds.
• Eleventh to Twenty-fifth place will receive 500 SOL diamonds.


1. Join the NEW “GreyRock” Shadow of Legend server after June 26th at 6:00pm PST (June 27th at 1:00am GMT) to automatically participate in the “GreyRock Leveling-Up Contest.”

2. Contest will end on July 10th at 6:00pm PST (July 11th at 1:00am GMT).

3. The top 25 levelers will receive the rewards mentioned in the “Rewards” section above.

4. Leveler’s character must be at least at level 20 to be eligible for the contest.

5. Levelers can only receive rewards for one of their characters participating in the contest. Character’s accounts will be checked to ensure that the account is credited only once.

6. Please refer to for instructions on how to play the game.

Have fun, and good luck!

– The SOL Team

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