Nexon America Announces PopTag! Beta Begins January 26

Nexon America Announces PopTag! Beta Begins January 26


Nexon America announced its exciting new game, PopTag will enter Beta on January 26.  All users with Nexon IDs are eligible to participate in the beta period and will receive a complimentary Welcome Package filled with functional in-game items.   PopTag! Beta will feature two modes, PvP and Monster Mode. See who’s the most deadly among friends with water balloons  or team up against boss monsters. Players will have a variety of scenery with 34 different maps offered during Beta.  Additionally, all stats and items obtained during the beta and its events will carry over into the game’s official launch.

PopTag Beta Begins January


PopTag! is a 2D arcade-style multiplayer game where players navigate a variety of multi-colored maps and battle each other, or NPCs (non-playable characters), with water-based weapons, such as water balloons, in a variety of game modes. PopTag! offers fast-paced game play in player-versus-player modes, or cooperative modes where gamers can join together to take on unique and deadly boss monsters and their minions. 
To learn more about PopTag!, try the flash demo, watch videos and view screenshots, visit:

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