Nexon America Will Bring a Slaughterhouse to “Combat Arms”

Nexon America Will Bring a Slaughterhouse to “Combat Arms”


Combat Arms


Nexon America has released a new video for its high-intensity online FPS “Combat Arms.” The video provides the first look at a new map, Slaughterhouse, where two opposing teams try to outwit and outgun each other in search-and-destroy mode. Slaughterhouse will be added to “Combat Arms” on April 18.



Slaughterhouse, set within the bloody confines of a meat packing plant, provides players with the opportunity to put their teamwork skills to the test with clan-on-clan warfare with an explosive ending. The video released today also hints at new content coming for “Combat Arms” players later this year.



Also launching on April 18 is the first incarnation of the Clan Ladder System, where clans can acquire ladder points, rank up and get matched against opposing clans around the same rank. An official clan battle season will commence once the Clan Ladder System completes its beta period.

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