Nintendo Power is back! Sort of!

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Like my bio on this site says, when I read Nintendo Power, I decided that’s what I wanted to do for a living. But specifically I wanted to work there. I didn’t start with issue one, I believe I started around Issue 5. But I did get the Dragon Quest cart they gave away thanks to none of my friends liking RPGs at the time! The FInal Fantasy 2 issue is the one that really sealed it for me. It was a gorgeous, well-written RPG and the way Nintendo Power handled gaming coverage made me want to work there more than ever. However, it is no longer circulated. They gave away strategy guides, showed off all the latest in Nintendo, Gameboy, SNES, and N64 news. I’d mention the Virtual Boy but let’s face it: It sucked. I stopped following religiously once they stopped doing SNES coverage, since when I was a lad I did not have an N64, not until much later in my life.

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But I can now read all the magazines I lost in the many times I moved as a child and adult, right on! Archive’s the real hero, where they are hosting the first thirteen years of Nintendo Power! So everything I ever wanted to read is right there. There are a few things I really missed the most: The comics, and the special “Red” strategy guides. FF1, Super Mario 3, Four Player Fun. The giveaways I always entered even if I never won, but this really makes me happy. Even if it’s stuff I mostly have memorized, it’s a trip down memory lane and it makes me want to reacquire my old collection if at all possible. If you’re looking to read up on your childhood, or missed out and want to know what they were like, it’s right here. I highly recommend it.

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