Nintendo SWITCH: Region Locked?


It’s the big controversial thing from Nintendo: The notion that games are region locked. NES, SNES, most of the big consoles were, with some minor exceptions. The NES/SNES have versions/ways to play Japanese games, but since the DS was so easy to pirate for, they’ve been harsher than ever on the idea of locking their games down. One of the things I’ve been wondering about, was would the Switch be region locked or not. . . But the word on the street is that it, much like the Wii U, and the Wii, will be locked. Japanese games won’t be able to be played, even if you import them. Now, the vast majority of the owners of the console won’t care. They just want their American titles, and that’s good enough for them. But what about the the very vocal minority, who want to play Puyo Pop, Tetris Battle, the Super Sentai/Kamen Rider games, and the other really cool stuff we don’t get to see? And again, I definitely understand: Piracy is a serious issue, I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as it used to be, I think Nintendo’s cracked down hard enough on it. But where do we draw the line? Should we have to own a Japanese Switch, and an American one, just to follow franchises that aren’t big in America? I missed out on quite a few of the Sengoku BASARA titles, because they didn’t sell well here. But the PS3 versions are ones I can actually have, because they don’t lock down their consoles. Nintendo’s the last bastion of region locking. I hate it, but in a way I understand why they do it, but I don’t agree with it in the slightest. Maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong perspective, and I can accept that. But there are so many titles we never get to see from Nintendo, amazing ones, thanks to this policy. What do you guys think though?

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  • Dimitri Bellemans

    I don’t really understand how region lock affect the sales sinces WE BUY the games. And there you’d say to me that we region block because of piracy… WHAT ARGUMENT IS THAT? I mean, if we crack our console, we don’t even care about Region Block since most of pirating system bypass the Region Block.
    Region Blocking actually ENCOURAGE people to crack their console, since it’s the only way to play external games.
    Yeah, you could buy a Japanese Console, then buy a “magic swap” or whatever to make the console recognisez by the TV, and etc.
    So you’re saying people have to pay about 500€/$ dollaar to play foreign games? What kind of farstretched logic is that?
    If consoles would stop region blocking their console, it’s not a certitude, but it could reduce the piracy, since less people would feel the NEED to do it.

    • Ragachak

      I’m not disagreeing with you at all, though. I know it’s stupid. I’m pretty convinced that unblocking consoles would reduce the piracy considerably. Sony’s made that pretty clear. People can just import whatever they want and it’s going to be okay. I have a Japanese Vita, and it’s lovely. I can play my American games on it! I can play my Japanese game on it! But I just think that the notion of Region Locking needs to be discussed. And then done away with.

  • Endathel

    It’s dumb plain and simple, like wiping before you poop it don’t make no sense.