No Man’s Sky Launches NEXT Update and Xbox One Version

No Mans Sky NEXT Update

Today, No Man’s Sky has launched on XBox One. Along with this, all platforms are receiving the NEXT update (version 1.5).

The NEXT Update dramatically transforms No Man’s Sky with the following features:

  • True co-op multiplayer including shared battles, explorations, and bases;
  • Expanded base building that includes many new parts and the ability to build multiple bases, anywhere on a planet;
  • Third person view
  • Character customization
  • Increased visual detail and performance
  • Expansions to the freighter system
  • Expanded space market
  • Expanded crafting and resource system
  • Improved scanner
  • Procedural technology
  • New story and procedural missions
  • UI improvements
  • New creatures and NPC AI

The patch is expansive and you can find the full notes here.

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