Nostale Global announces 3 major events

On July 16th, ServeX Co., Ltd announced that ‘Nostale Global (’, its casual MMORPG started 3 exciting in-events in celebration of its 100 days anniversary of starting Open Beta. This event includes ‘Exp. Point boost-up’, ‘Gift for Adventurers’ and ‘Big sale for costumes’. In Exp. Point boost-up event, which runs until July 23rd, offers 100% more exp. points to gamers for 2 hours 3 times per day. In Gift for Adventurer, anyone who reaches Lv. 11 and Lv. 21 will be rewarded with ‘Gillion stones’ and ‘Mysterious boxes’ respectively. Gillion stones are used for upgrading equipment, while ‘Mysterious boxes’ give some precious items including Bush Tail pet when it is opened. Finally, for those who couldn’t afford to buy various items, Big-sale event will give the chance to enjoy fun items. Hundreds of items are on sale for extremely low prices, and this event will not happen again anytime soon.

Kevin Song, CEO of ServeX Co., Ltd said ‘ACT 4: Frozen Crown’ is waiting for next patch. With this patch, Nostale will shift to more being a more action-oriented MMORPG in fast and competitive setting. It has thousands vs. thousands PvP in new islands, as well as 4 more stylish maps. Anyone who wishes to see ACT 4 can check it on its official site

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