Nostale: Global Announces Exciting Monster Boss Event

Uforia, a new online game publisher specializing in massively multiplayer online games, announced today that it would host the “Aqua-Gel Race” at 4PM PST for all Nostale: Global players.  The Aqua-Gel is a monster boss that resembles a giant block of jelly with a Spoon in it which spawns countless smaller jelly-like creatures.  The event entails interested players being divided into two teams each of which will be sent to a separate area to battle an Aqua-Gel.  The first team to kill an Aqua-Gel will be rewarded with a variety of exciting in-game items. 
Prizes will include the following:
One Marble Dining Table, a Good Samurai Box and a set of 12 Loud Speakers
“This is a great chance for Nostale: Global players to have some fun and meet some new people as well as a shot at getting some great prizes in the process”, said Sabroso, the Nostale: Global Game Master.
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