Nostale goes live in Europe

As of August 21, 2007, Nostale was released in Europe under a company called GameForge who will host Nostale for not only Europe, but outside countries as well. They began their client under Closed Beta and will go Open Beta in about 1 week. During the time they go Open Beta all accounts made will have a character wipe so that all players will start out together with the new features they plan to add later.

All existing accounts registered as of August 21 or later will be locked in their systems forever, so no player will have to worry about ever losing their account.

On another note, GameForge is planning to release their Nosmall system sometime in the near future. For those who dont know what a Nosmall is, it is a system that allows you to buy Nosmall cash using real money to buy special items for your Nostale characters and even Nostale Partners.

For those waiting to play, you can go to the Europe Nostale site and regisiter as well as download the client. The site link is alredy listed above under Game site. Once done you may log into the game and start your Nostale Adventure.

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