Now Transform!

According to the official history, the human race has endured some unexpected exist stages, the break up of the Mars Colonel and the Earth Union, because of the greedy union deprive the Mars too many privileges. The residents on mars formed their own government called Aesir Public and fought against the Earth Union.
The both side have fought against each other for long time, and now, they have to face another threaten as the third force –Daron Cult. Thus makes them lack of military forces. The both sides realize that their current weapon can not ensure their soldiers’ lives under such Sevier environment, so the both sides take their priorities on developing new generation of armors—Transformable Armors. Though the transformable armors was first founded by the Aesir Republic, the Earth Union Soon Surpassed it by advanced science and technology, brought the skill to real battle.
At present, the two sides both have developed their first new transformable armors. Those armors are now in their last experimental stages, and they will be put into battle soon. What you need to do now is to make yourselves master all the armors you need, and wait for your first transformable armors. They are coming soon!

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