Obduction now on HTC Vive and Touch!

“I’m so lucky to still be making worlds in this incredible time of rapidly advancing technology that enables us to create places with such deep immersion. After 30 years of making worlds, stepping into our creations with the Vive and Rift feels like a magical milestone – very exciting times for a company that is motivated by providing grand adventures that become people’s worlds.” – Rand Miller, CEO, Cyan

Yes! Obduction in Virtual Reality!

Okay, you guys might remember that I reviewed Obduction, yeah? Maybe not? Well in case, here’s my review of it right here! Obduction is a puzzle/mystery title and is the spiritual successor to the hit PC game of my youth, Myst! Rand Miller, the legendary creator behind one of the most challenging games of this or any era, created this unique title and I had the pleasure to play it on PC! However, there is an update that adds Virtual Reality support! I can only imagine how quickly players will become immersed in this vibrant world! For me personally, Virtual Reality causes me terrible motion sickness, no matter what game it is, but that in no way changes the magnitude of this news! I think anyone who uses the Vive and loves puzzle/thinking games ought to have it! The game is 29.99 on all platforms, and people who already own it for PC [Like me!] or on Rift will automatically receive the update for Vive/Touch support! That’s great news! This is one of the most clever games I’ve played in quite a while, so I had to make sure you guys knew it was out there, and it’s moving from the 2D plane right into the 3D! Don’t miss it! Don’t believe me? Just check out this trailer! It’s gorgeous, it’s challenging, and if you own one of those fantastic VR devices, you owe it to yourself to check it out!

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