October becomes ORC-TOBER!

World of Warcraft - Ragachak

Now, if that’s not the cringiest named thing I’ve heard all year, I’ll eat my hat. Promise. Anyway, to celebrate the Warcraft film, which goes live to Blu-Ray and et cetera on October 10th, they’re changing bits of the UK to celebrate Warcraft! Because why not? Lots of really interesting stuff going on, such as the “Loading Bar” gaming-themed bar being redesigned as the “Lion’s Pride Inn”, which is of course, an Alliance inn in World of Warcraft. I take back my previous statement. The “Burning Boozede” is the most ludicrous thing I’ve read about so far. A Youtuber known as  Preach Gaming is going to be doing a live-event as well, which will involve real Warcraft props, which should be quite lovely.

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Tommi’s Burger Joint will feature Orc-themed food, built around their staple [Pork], to try some very tasty sounding foods [no sarcasm there, I swear]. Archery Fit will become “Warcraft Range” where they’ll try to put an arrow between Gul’dan’s eyes. Now this is silly because they clearly aren’t geared to do battle with the mighty Gul’dan, despite him being obliterated in WoW in such a disparaging way. The coolest part of it though is at the end, where you can go to Escapade and dress up to display your inner Horde pride, and become the Orc you’ve always wanted to be! This is an interesting idea, and I do love Warcraft, but Orctober? Ugh. I’m willing to bet fans of Warcraft would rather get cool in-game stuff rather than a handful of them that gets to travel to the United Kingdom to be a part of a month-long event. Sure, lots of people visit, but I don’t know if it will be nearly enough to comp what this will cost to set up.

What do you guys think? Good idea? Should they just give us mounts or something instead?

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