October Means Every Game is Halloween Town

SF5 Halloween

It’s that time of the year again! No, not taxes. It’s not Chanukkah, not Thanksgiving. . . Jeez, you guys are bad at this. It’s October! That means for a whole month, every game you play is basically Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas. And that’s not really a bad thing; I think Halloween stuff is pretty cool. I think some games get a bigger jumpstart than others though. If I were to write up every game that did a cool Halloween event, I’d be here all damn day, and I’ve got stuff to do. I’m just going to talk about the ones I think are most interesting/worth noting. And I do mean every game.  But I have to say, I enjoy festive holiday stuff. It’s a way to unlock cool rewards in MMOs, and spend more money I don’t have on stuff I need. But I want it. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty!

  • Street Fighter V: Yes, SF5 has a Halloween Update coming! Several characters, Necalli [sporting a very Sodom/Katana-style outfit], Ryu, Cammy, Chun-Li, and more are getting fancy costumes! Those are going to be neat. But the Halloween stage interests me the most. Street Fighter 3’s Necro is lurking in it! Remember, Alex was in one of the stages before announced. . . Could it be?
  • Overwatch:  Of course there will be new holiday skins for Overwatch! I’m positive there will be tons of new content for the holiday, which will end November 1st. But the cool part for me at least, is the new Brawl, where players are pitted against Dr. Junkenstein and his mad creations. I’m looking forward to seeing what that’s going to be like first hand!
  • World of Warcraft: Oh, like I wouldn’t mention Hallow’s End. First year it happened I failed to get a Headless Horseman mount, and had to wait til year two to get it. Oh goodness was I salty. There’s an achievement, an event battle like always, candy, transmogrification wands, a transformation into the Lich King [50 charges], and completing it all nets you the title <Name> the Hallowed.
  • SMITE:  While not necessarily an “Event” per se’, the new God is the Deadly God of Bats, which fits the month theme of Spoopy, that’s for sure. He’s an assassin, and we’ll be covering him here. Also some very fitting halloween skins, for example Wolfman Fenrir.
  • League of Legends: A pile of new skins here too! The most interesting one, is we finally see the True Form of Teemo: Little Devil Teemo. Because everyone knows that Teemo is Satan. Oh, and Morg/Tristana get skins too, I guess.


There’s so much going on for this month, because almost everyone loves Halloween! What game are you looking forward to getting cool stuff in?

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