OGPlanet Rewards Rumble Fighter Players with Back to School Friends Event

El Segundo, Calif.- Sept. 17, 2008- Starting today, fans of Rumble Fighter, OGPlanet’s massively multiplayer online fighting game, will get valuable in-game rewards for introducing friends to their favorite game.

During the Back to School Friends Event, players who invite their friends to join the online-brawling fun of Rumble Fighter will receive a Fire Amulet once at least three of their friends have reached level 7. Their friends will also receive a very special prize–the elusive Stardust Set–for 30 days once they reach level 7.
“We wanted to give players a chance to introduce their friends to Rumble Fighter,” producer Yeonji Lee explained. “The nice thing about this event is that it rewards both new players and loyal, long-time fans.”

The Back to School Friends Event will continue until Oct. 13. Further details regarding the Rumble Fighter Back to School Friends Event can be found at http://rf.ogplanet.com.

About Rumble Fighter
Rumble Fighter allows up to 8 players to battle it out online in simultaneous action. Players build and develop their characters over time to give them unique fighting styles. The game’s “Sacred Scrolls” offer a variety of fighting styles and the “ExoCore” system lets players morph and use super attacks. Rumble Fighter is free-to-play with certain in-game items available through a micro-transaction system that provide an opportunity for further customization.

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