Old But Gold: FFVI Rant


Final Fantasy VI is one of my favorite games of all time. The GBA version was pretty terrific, and honestly, when I heard it was coming to Steam, I needed a new pair of pants. One of the greatest games of my Youth, with a modern remake! Then I immediately had a horrifying thought: What if it’s FFVI from iOS? That one looked atrocious! No no no, that’s not what I want anymore. Take it back, Square-Enix, please. But no, you did it. You published a garbage version of a legendary roleplaying game. I recently learned that there are mods that make it look closer to it’s SNES counterpart. Did they have to match the original art? No.  But could they have at least not made it look like they copy-pasted it right from the phone to the PC?

We all know that Square-Enix hates you to mod there stuff; I think I only had one mod for FFXI the entire time I played it, and that was to allow me to play in windowed mode, because you couldn’t without “Windower”.  The mods are on Steam, so I don’t have to point you to them. But the point here, is why should we need to do it at all?! It was a beautiful game on the SNES, but now it’s censored and frankly, looks like a pile of shit. But now that I can make it look at least presentable, I might pick it up. I shouldn’t have to modify a game just to be able to LOOK at it without wanting to projectile vomit. Come on, step your game up. The last few remakes looked like ass on PC, except for FFIX and X.  I love Square Enix, but they need to respect their audience just a bit more, yeah?  This port lacks the magic, the grittiness, the feel that the original had. Now it looks like it’s on the afternoon cartoon block on Nickelodeon. It’s not the same game anymore.

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