One Day in a GM’s Life

Last week, TOP held a “One Day GM Taste” Activity. One lucky player who won the “GM for one day” poll had experienced an amazing day as a GM. Administrate the whole world, isn’t it great? This player can’t wait to share his wonderful experience with you!
“As some of you may know, I was selected to be a GM for one day on the server Rainbow. It was a very interesting day to me, so I would like to share it =)
Well, let me start:
I entered the game a little before 0:00 AM of Saturday (June 3rd). A couple of minutes later, I got disconnected (as the GM team had warned me). I got back in game and….I was a GM!!

You gotta admit the GM sign looks good on me!
Well, as soon as I got the GM powers, I rushed to do something useful. First thing I did was to run around Argent City, checking for scammers. I checked ALL the stalls on the city, and for as much shocking as it may seem, there was no one trying to scam at that time Well, better that way =) (But I would come and check the new stalls from time to time, just to make sure)
By that time, I had already learned something about being a GM: people gather around you, and flood you with trade requests (no matter how many times you cancel them), party invitations and friend-adding requests. They also keep asking you for items and money, and sometimes insult you when say you can not give anything to them………”

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