Online gamer face $6000 bill!

The Australian Daily Telegraph reported the following news:

When Justin Cavanagh decided to play online games with his mates over the Christmas break he didn’t realise his actions would cost him thousands of dollars.

Mr Cavanagh, 29, connected three computers at his North Gosford home so his friends could go head-to-head on the popular online World War II strategy game Battleground Europe.

But he exceeded his Telstra Bigpond 60GB ADSL2+ plan by more than 38GB.

Telstra’s policy is to charge excess data at a rate of 15c per megabyte but, the company says, Bigpond customers are always sent email notification when they are nearing their download limit.

When Mr Cavanagh’s next Telstra bill arrived it said he owed them $6041. A distraught Mr Cavanagh contacted Telstra about the massive bill and was told to send an email.

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It was a bit hard to send an email because they cut off my connection, he said.

When The Daily Telegraph contacted Telstra a spokesman rang Mr Cavanagh immediately and said the bill would be waived as a gesture of good will.

(source:The Daily telegraph)

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