OnRPG and Spunkify Take on PCGamer in Tribes: Ascend

OnRPG and Spunkify Take on PCGamer in Tribes: Ascend Glory Match


The day has arrived. After countless hours (about 4) of training today I will be leading my team of crack shot MMO players with virtually no experience at FPS games into a match against the most British of British gamers in the world, PCGamer Magazine!



PCGamer has trained for the last 3 weeks on Gold Accounts preparing for this day. It’s a true David VS Goliath story and OnRPG welcomes you to check out the live streaming action right here at OnRPG. Streaming will be hosted by LevelupTV and you can check it out at their website http://levelupyourgame.net/live or directly at http://twitch.tv/leveluptv. Below will be an embedded version of our match as well and feel free to log-in and try out our new comment system!



Streaming will begin at 1:00pm PST/10:00pm CET however the service will be live half an hour prior if you want to join in for the trash talk and technical difficulties.

Watch live video from Level Up TV (1) onwww.twitch.tv

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