OnRPG at Anime Expo: Top 10 Cosplay Pics

Anime Expo 2011 Coverage!



Hey OnRPG viewers.


This is DizzyPW. I have just returned from the Los Angeles Anime Expo 2011 with writers NuttyKitten and Platypus!


Team OnRPG: Darren Dizzy Henderson, Jean Nutty Pan, and Thomas vonPlatypus


We were hard pressed to find stories related to MMOs at this convention but still managed to get a decent scoop on Rusty Hearts, Wakfu, and ElSword. We’ll be bringing you more interview footage with Mark Hill, Producer of Rusty Hearts, talking to us about the half-vampire new DPS class known as Frantz. He also gave us some hands on time with the PvP mode, which has great potential!


The North American managers of Wakfu gave us a look at real player interactions and how they can impact the politics and playstyle of players throughout the world. We are currently preparing a nice video covering the story of Lala and her eternal struggle to protect a field of wheat.


We also tried out ElSword for the first time since Mikedot’s initial impressions back in April. The game is really shaping up and seems to have almost caught up with its German counterpart in terms of development and content. We will be joining them on their test servers soon to get a first look at their upcoming class upgrade system.


So for now, enjoy your Fourth of July weekend with our top 10 Cosplayers of Anime Expo!



Transformers Tower Over Bunnies


The Ultimate Zelda Battle Begins, and Green Link Wants Nothing to do with It!


Rock Lee: Real Eyebrows Included


Ice Climbers Still Got Swagger


Nel is Here and Fully Transformed!


PenguGirl was the Happiest Person at the Event!


The PedoBear was not far Behind the PenguGirl. Beware!


Ero-Sensei Made PedoBear Seem Shy


This Couple Took Cosplay Accuracy to the Next Level


This Kitty Roadblock Stole The Show


Look forward to more pictures coming later this week! As well as our review of the Hatsune Miku Concert (We were disapointed)! Be sure to comment in the Anime Section of our Forum HERE!



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