OnRPG Shotgun News 10/10: TSW, LOTRO, PSO2, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 10/10: TSW, LOTRO, PSO2, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



The Secret World Director Reveals Chainsaws and More

Joel Bylos may have only recently taken over as Game Director but he’s always been a part of the team behind The Secret World and today he’s outlined some future plans for the game which include the much theorized about second auxiliary weapon which is a chainsaw. For roleplayers they’ll be opening up the Albion Theatre in London complete with a stage players can use to act on. All of this will come in Issue 4, titled Big Trouble in the Big Apple. In addition there will be the highly requested reticule combat. A live stream on Friday will show off some of the shiny new toys to come.



Phantasy Star Online 2 Reaches A Million Users

Sega has proudly announced that Phantasy Star Online 2 has reached 1 million registered users in Japan. To celebrate the occasion a month of events has been planned which includes screenshot competitions, in game giveaways and more.



LOTRO Riders of Rohan Soundtrack Launches on iTunes



The soundtrack to Lord of the Rings Online’s fourth expansion Riders of Rohan has been released on iTunes. The soundtrack is said to reflect Tolkien’s Middle-earth. You can purchase the soundtrack in the iTunes store for $9.99.



Riot Games Wins LeagueofLegendsporn.com suit

Only a few months after having won a similar case Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends has won the lawsuit it had against porn website leagueoflegendsporn.com. The studio is now the owner of domain.



Champions Online Gets Vehicles

Champions Online has announced several new vehicles for players to use. These vehicles will have attack capabilities with the primary example of vehicles the Hover Tank. There will be two varieties of the tank as well as a Grav Bike which will also come in two varieties.



Artix Entertainment Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

The makers of HeroSmash, DragonFable, and AdventureQuest have announced 10 year anniversary celebrations which spans across all six of  their major titles. Details are being kept secret right now but players are encouraged to log in to each game.



Star Trek Online Announces 1,000 Day Vet Reward

Starting today long time fans will have access to the new 1,000 day veteran rewards. This includes a new Chimera Heavy Destroyer class ship for Federation, the Peghqu’ Heavy Destroyer class ship for Klingons, as well as a new title and a free Starship slot.



WarTune Reaches the 1 Million Mark

Reality Squared Games has announced that their browser fantasy game WarTune has hit the 1 million registered users mark since it’s launch last month. Since then it has had to open 16 to accommodate the huge growth in active users.



Arcane Legends Trailer Debuts

The latest game in the famous Legends series has released a trailer which shows off the mobile MMO.




Ragnarok Online Releases War of Emperium

A new update has come to Ragnarok Online titled War of Emperium. With it comes guild vs guild competion, Transcendent classes, upgrades and more. Special events will be announced on Ragnarok’s Facebook page.



MU Online Unveils Major Update

Webzen, the makers of MU Online has revealed the next major update to come to the came which is titled MU: eX700 Plus. Highlights of the update include a raise in the level cap, a UI redesign, as well as new powerful items and more. While the level cap has been increased from 700 to 702 Webzen is working on developing MU2.



PlaySpan Hacked, Millions of Accounts Leaked

PlaySpan, which is the marketplace for thousand of games, many of them MMOs has been hacked. Millions of IDs and passwords have been leaked. There has been no evidence that credit card, debit card or pre paid data has been accessed. The firm has locked all marketplace accounts and is asking all users to reset their passwords. This includes World of Tanks, Eve, Aion, Guild Wars and many others.



DCUO Launches Update 19

The DCUO servers will be down for 5 hours today while Update 19 is applied. The update brings new alerts, an updated tutorial and lays the groundwork for the Halloween event which starts next week.

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