OnRPG Shotgun News 10/2: GW2, Marvel Heroes, DCUO, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 10/2: GW2, Marvel Heroes, DCUO, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Guild Wars 2 Joins in the Pink Day Festivities

On October 20th across a few servers of Guild Wars 2 players will be putting on pink armor and having fun in Lion’s Arch, just as it was done over 200 years ago, or last year if you’re living in the real world. The event is held to raise breast cancer awareness and donations for the Canadian Cancer Society. It will also be taking place in Guild Wars at the same time.



Marvel Heroes Starts Closed Beta Registration

Closed Beta registration is now taking place for Marvel Heroes. Currently you can only sign up via the official website but other options will be made available in the future.



Guild Wars 2 Announces Part 1 of Halloween Festivities


For Halloween this year Guild Wars 2 has something special in mind. And while they haven’t shared all the details yet an art project has been announced. Players are being invited to take part in a diorama competition. Prizes include GW2 branded items, an NVIDIA graphics card and more. The only requirements (so far) are that it brings GW2 and Halloween together. Details on how to enter and other specifics like that are coming at a later date.



OGame Celebrates 10 Years

The scifi free to play strategy game OGame is celebrating 10 years of being active. To celebrate the occasion 10 weeks of events are going to be held in game. The details of each event will be held back right up until the last minute to keep the suspense. Happy Birthday OGame!



Tis The Witching Hour in DCUO


A new Halloween event called The Witching Hour will be introduced as part of Update 19 which is expected to go live sometime in early October. In the event Klarion the Witch Boy is stealing powers from Heroes and Villains and using them to cause all sorts of mischief. In addition he’s forcing citizens to take part in a masquerade. But it wouldn’t be Halloween without the treats as well. There are new trinkets, a new pet and new Halloween themed styles to enjoy.


Knight Age Hosts Halloween Fan Art Contest

To kick start the Halloween festivities in Knight Age they’re holding a Halloween themed fan art contest! Entries are being accepted up until October 25th when ten will be chosen for the players to vote on. The top three winners will receive in game prizes which include cash items. The top winner may even be chosen to be used as the official Knight Age Facebook cover photo.



Lagoonia Launches Revamp

Lagoonia may look and feel a little different these days having undergone a big story revamp with an enhanced storyline as well as some tweaks to gameplay and performance. For existing players to take part in the new storyline a reset button has been implemented.



The Repopulation Tackles Housing, Grouping and More

In the end of September update the makers of Repopulation have laid out an impressively huge list of accomplishments. This includes player housing, setting up auto grouping, escort missions and improved pet pathing. The complete list can be found on the official website.

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