OnRPG Shotgun News 10/25: RIFT, Civilization MMO, Lineage II, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 10/25: RIFT, Civilization MMO, Lineage II, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Rift Restructures North American Servers


Just a couple of weeks before Storm Legion goes live Rift has rearranged some of the North American servers. In all eight servers are being made into trial servers. Free transfers are being made available for all players to move their characters to one of the remaining servers. But it isn’t bad news says Trion, this has been made possible because the sizes of the servers have been increased to allow more players on an individual server at any time.



Civilization MMO Coming to Asia

Take-Two and XLGames have announced that an MMO based on the popular Civilization series is in development for the Asian market. There aren’t many details on the game yet. In fact that is all there is to know for now. But I’ll be keeping a close eye on it and hoping it makes the jump to western audiences.



Primal Carnage Launching


If you’ve ever wanted to hunt dinosaurs or be dinosaur hunting a person then Monday is a good day for you. Because that is the day Primal Carnage launches. The class based shooter is available for pre order on the Primal Carnage website, Steam, and several other online game merchants.



Lotteries Make a Return to LOTRO

Lotteries are back in Lord of the Rings Online today with slightly better odds than previously. Times of the lotteries have changed and two new ones have been added. Less characters will be competing thanks to an adjustment in what levels qualify giving slightly better odd all around.



Lineage II Glory Days Update Launches

The patch notes for yesterday’s release of Lineage II’s Glory Days Update are some of the largest to date for the game. There are new quests, revamped zones, class changes and much, much more. The improvements in the update are based on player feedback.


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