OnRPG Shotgun News 10/26: Elder Scrolls, City of Steam, LoL, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 10/26: Elder Scrolls, City of Steam, LoL, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



City of Steam Announces Closed Beta

Today the team at Mechanist announced the four part Closed Beta for City of Steam. The first begins on November 16. The events are scheduled as listed below.


Springtide: Nov. 16 – 20
Summercrest: Nov. 30 – Dec. 4
Autumnwane: Dec. 14 – 18
Winter Festival: Dec. 23 – 28


In addition to announcing the dates of the closed beta Mechanist announced a new series of beta collaboration packs for players to buy. And a closed beta social media event which will see new content which was intended for open beta to be released early which involves players sharing, liking, retweeting, and viewing youtube links to fill the steam-o-meter and unlock the items. Below is the new trailer for Closed Beta which was just released today.




Wartune Now Available on Aeria Browser

Wartune joins the catalog of games available on the Aeria browser without any download required. In celebration of the occasion Aeria Games is running a series of events on the official Facebook page over the next two weeks. With more events continuing through Wartune’s first month.



League of Legends New Map and Champion Announced

Today League of Legends has released a video giving an overview of the Twisted Treeline map and another featuring Elise, The Spider Queen. Twisted Treeline is a 3 on 3 map which has been given a bit of a makeover. While Elise, The Spider Queen is a hybrid of a ranged mage and a melee assassin or fighter. She can swap between human and spider form which is her basic ability. These are both part of the upcoming Shadow Isles release.




The Elder Scrolls Online Website Updates With Story, Images, and More

After a week of press interviews, The Elder Scrolls Online’s website has been given a bit of an update. It has a bit of back story for the MMO now as well as a page for news and announcements, images and much more.



Gamigo Bought By Samarion S.E.

One of the leading German publisher and operators of MMOs has been bought by a German online game investment company. 100% of Gamigo which is famous for producing Cultures Online and offering Fiesta Online, Jagged Alliance Online and many others is now owned by Samarion S.E.

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