OnRPG Shotgun News 11/30: City of Heroes, STO, and Mortal Online F2P!

OnRPG Shotgun News 11/30: City of Heroes, STO, and Mortal Online F2P!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



City of Heroes Closing Later Today


After eight years at the top the number one Superhero MMO City of Heroes is shutting down later today. The announcement was made by Paragon Studios in August just before an American three day weekend. Since that day Paragon Studios has been closed with the exception of a very small crew to see out the final days. This sparked a campaign by the fans to try to save City of Heroes. A 6,000 plus strong rally was held in City of Heroes to mark the start of the campaign. Since the announcement NCSoft has only issued one, small announcement to the fans directly. Instead going through Paragon Studio employees. City of Heroes has been a ground breaker in innovation. Our very own Meticulous Meta has written about all aspects of City of Heroes for the last two years and will have one last article next week. The servers are being shut down at 12 Midnight Pacific time.



Star Trek Online Foundry Gets an Update in Season 7

In a new dev diary Maria, aka ZeroniusRex announced some of the new things coming to the very popular Foundry in Star Trek Online. The biggest new feature is the Spotlight. Authors will be able to submit their work to be a potential spotlight candidate with the click of a button. If theirs gets picked it will be put on spotlight for a week. There are also new things for authors. Hiding NPCs and making them go on patrol which will allow authors to set NPCs to patrol a certain area. A new NPC group, new ships, and a new map round out the additions coming to the Foundry.



Mortal Online Goes Free to Play

The hugely popular Mortal Online has good free to play. But as with any free to play model there are restrictions. F2P accounts will be limited to 60 skills instead of 100. Premium players will have access to thievery skills, be able to loot expensive items, and trade expensive items. To celebrate going free to play Mortal Online has released a video which you can watch below.



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