OnRPG Shotgun News 1/16: LoL, Renaissance Heroes, Wizardry Online, and Much Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 1/16: LoL, Renaissance Heroes, Wizardry Online, and Much Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe


Something Brews at Warhammer Online

A new live event may be in the works for Warhammer Online if Mythic’s Implimentation Lead Keaven Freeman’s tweet yesterday is anything to go by. Of course not much can fit in a tweet and so far this is the only sign of the possible event. Thankfully the tweet included a picture taken from a page of the Tome of Knowledge. OnRPG will keeping a close eye on the developments here.



SWTOR Hints at Upcoming Release

A new post appeared on the SWTOR page showing an upcoming update which for now has no release date. In it level 50 players will have the chance to assist the Gree in their pursuit for information. This will be available to everyone. And a new Galactic Reputation system will be implemented. Giving a new way to progress characters through six ranks.



Renaissance Heroes Announces Beta

ChangYou.com has announced that the beta for Renaissance Heroes will begin January 22nd and run for two weeks, with no wipe. The beta will introduce a new European server to go along with those for North America. In addition there will be two new heroes, Bart and Medici. Special events will be held everyday throughout the two week beta so be sure official Facebook page and the website regularly. Also our sister site MMOHuts will have an exclusive item up for grabs in a giveaway coming soon!




Einherjar Beowulf Adventure Going On Now

From January 16th (today) to January 23rd Einherjar players will be able to recruit Beowulf to their Viking forces. In addition new materials and a sword will be available. As this is a limited time event though you shouldn’t wait.



Fiesta Releases Unique Snowboard Mount

A new mount has come to Fiesta which makes it’s own trail. The Snowboard makes snow as you go so you never have to worry about it being the wrong season. Check out the trailer below.



MechWarrior First Double XP Weekend Announced

The first ever MechWarrior Online Double XP weekend has been announced! It will take place over the weekend of January 18th starting at 10 am PST. In addition to the announcement of the event MechWarrior has released a creepy new Spider Mech.



League of Legends Video Highlights Preseason Balance

The second part video of Preseason balancing that will take place in League of Legends has been released. Check it out for yourself below.



Wizardry Online Delayed

Wizardry Online was expected to go live today however it has been pushed back by two weeks to January 30th. This is down to getting everything integrated and ready to launch being hard. Have no fear though, if you need your Wizardry Online fix check out Dizzy’s survival journal entries from Wizardry Online here.



The Secret World Real World Gear Now Available

Always wanted to represent your faction in the real world? Well I certainly have. And now Funcom has teamed up with WeLoveFine.com to offer official TSW apparel. It’s mostly Tshirts but there is also the famous Innsmouth Academy sweatsheart, bloodstains not included. I’m a Dragon and I wear a large…you know, if anyone was thinking about what to get me for my birthday.



Arma III Developers Heading Home

I promised to keep an eye on two Arma III developers who were arrested in Greece under suspicion of espionage and now I have the pleasure of saying that they have made bail and are going home soon. Martin Pezlar and Ivan Buchta were arrested about four months ago and their conditions have been somewhat questionable during that time thanks to the reported poor prison environment. Congratulations guys!



Sega Partners with Gogogic for Godsrule: War of Mortals

Sega is looking to strengthen it’s free to play and cross-platform portfolio by teaming up with Gogogic for free to play battle game Godsrule. The game is currently in closed beta for ipad and browser with a planned release sometime in early 2013.



All TERA Accounts Get Free Time

En Masse has announced that all TERA accounts have received free game time! Originally planned as a free week long event before the switch to free to play some complications meant many were unable to take advantage of it. So, instead everyone is getting a free 7 days of game time!

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