OnRPG Shotgun News 1/22: GW2, City of Steam, Defiance, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 1/22: GW2, City of Steam, Defiance, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG’s Elder Scribe



Elder Scrolls Online Beta Sign Ups

ZeniMax’s eagerly awaited Elder Scrolls MMO has finally opened beta registration. Wait! Don’t click away yet! It’s a pretty long application, so you’ll have some time to finish reading the news. There are no dates announced yet, those will come via Facebook and Twitter sometime in the future. Until then they’ve released a nearly 6 minute long cinematic trailer full of badassery and awesome. Have a look for yourself.




Flame and Frost Coming to Guild Wars 2

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the January release for Guild Wars 2 your wait is nearly over. And today a teaser page has gone up for the upcoming release called Flame and Frost. January 28th will bring the start of a multi-stage story which will change Tyria forever. Guesting will also be enabled, and achievements will be getting a look at. This includes adding in new things to complete dailies to spice things up a little. Oh, and there’s a Quaggan Backpack. Quaggan likes you, coo.



R2Games to Publish English City of Steam

Mechanist has announced that it is teaming up with R2Games to bring City ofSteamto the English speaking world. This partnership comes not long after announcing another partnership for releasing City ofSteaminTurkey. Mechanist CEO and Creative Lead David Lindsay spoke on the partnership, “A partnership with R2Games gives us that extra boost needed to make City ofSteam’s great release, an amazing one. We share a vision that this game can be the very best browser-based MMO out there.”



Firefall Open Beta Weekend Coming

Red 5 has announced that Firefall will be available to the masses very soon. Open beta weekends will be starting this weekend with more planned in February and leading up to the launch of the game. To help announce it a new video was also released which you can check out for yourself in the link below.




Defiance Announces Pre Orders

After giving a lucky bunch a weekend in Defiance Trion has announced that Pre Orders have begun. Prices go all the way up to $149 for the Ultimate Edition which is only available at Gamestop and includes a messenger bag, one year season pass and other goodies. There are of course digital options if you’d rather not have a physical edition.



Dust 514 Enters Open Beta

Anyone with a Playstation 3 can now play Dust 514 while it’s in open beta. Dust 514 was merged with EVE just a short time ago in preparation for this upcoming beta event and the eventual launch of the free to play game. You can now download the game, but the website is down for maintenance for a short time.

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