OnRPG Shotgun News 1/30: Vangaurd, Defiance, STO, and Elsword

OnRPG Shotgun News 1/30: Vangaurd, Defiance, STO, and Elsword

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe


Launch Dates for Defiance Announced

Trion and Syfy long ago announced that Defiancewould be coming to computers and tvs near you in April of 2013. Well now that date has been narrowed down. To two dates actually. The Defiance MMO will launch April 2nd with the tv show following on April 15th. A live action trailer was released along with a large pre-order FAQ. Head over to theDefiance site to see the FAQ and have a look at the trailer below.




Star Trek Online Approaches Third Birthday with Events

As STO approaches it’s 3rd birthday everyone’s favorite omnipotent being, Q is up to no good again. Or maybe it’s just a regular party, how can you ever really be sure with him? There are also reports coming in of a temporal anomaly in the Azure Nebula. You can read all about it and much more in the most recent STO Dev Blog.



Elsword Launches Tag Team

Elsword players have a new pvp mode to play with starting today. The Tag Team mode takes place in an arena. When the active player goes through a portal the next player on their team becomes active for the fight. As always the first team to defeat all their opponents is the victor.



Vanguard Celebrates 6th Anniversary

Sony Online Entertainment is celebrating one of its longest running franchises today as Vanguard officially hits 6 years since launch. New content and activities surrounding the event and players can visit the Historian of Telon to learn more. Keep an eye out as later today DizzyPW is offering a quick write-up on the state of Vanguard following yesterday’s press tour of the game.

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