OnRPG Shotgun News 2/15: FFXIV Beta, Ghost in a Shell, Dragon’s Prophet, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 2/15: FFXIV Beta, Ghost in a Shell, Dragon’s Prophet, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Announced

The news Final Fantasy XIV fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Beta on FFXIV: A Realm Reborn will begin on February 25th, assuming nothing comes up in the mean time like bugs or server errors. The old behest system has undergone such massive changes they’ve renamed it to guildhest. The beta test will be limited to the areas around Gridania, and quests from the main scenario will be available, though limited. Leveling past 15 will be a bit of a pain while access to content is limited, but don’t let that stop you!



Ghost in the Shell FPS Announced

Nexon has announced a Ghost in the Shell FPS which is expected to release in the first half of 2014. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex will be based on the original animated tv productions Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG and Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX Solid State Society. Nexon and Kodansha joined forces in December 2012 creating a licensing agreement to develop games based on the Ghost in the Shell tv series and distribute them worldwide.



Darkfall: Unholy Wars Looks Towards Crafting

A new video has been released showing off how crafting will work in Darkfall: Unholy Wars. It includes the 98 different items you can harvest! Also 17 crafting skills, 12 crafting masteries, more than 70 crafted materials, and so much more! Don’t worry though, the video is only a minute and a half long so it won’t show you everything.




BAFTA Award Winner Composing Transformers: Universe Music

The BAFTA Award winning composer James Hannigan known for Red Alert 3, Dead Space 3, and newer themes in RuneScape is composing the music that will feature in Transformers: Universe. The original score will be recorded with a full orchestra as well as a hybrid mechanistic soundtrack to reflect the action driven gameplay.



Dragon’s Prophet Opens Forums as Beta Approaches

Want a good way to tell if a game is going to be playable soon? Wait for the announcement of forums being opened. Though Infernum’s fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet doesn’t have dates for a beta yet it is said to be coming in the next few weeks according to a press release issued today. The game is due to be released in 2013 in English, German, and French.


EVE Rebalancing Coming Soon

A new EVE dev blog has been produced, or maybe I should call it a novel. Game Designer CCP Fozzie goes into great detail talking about upcoming plans for ship and module rebalancing in Retribution 1.1. The update will come on February 19th so you have a bit of time to read through all the information. http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=74270



Vendetta Online, For iPad

With just 9 days to go Vendetta Online is trying to Kickstart it’s way to iPad. But it needs some help. With that in mind they’ve released a short video showing what Vendetta Online looks like on an iPad 2. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/guild/vendetta-online/posts/406571



Ragnarök Comes to Cultures Online

The end of the world is coming to Cultures Online in a new update. The content is for level 20 and up to try to appease the Gods with offerings, and unlocking a new level 20+ dungeon.

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