OnRPG Shotgun News 2/27: Aion, Planetside 2, SMITE, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 2/27: Aion, Planetside 2, SMITE, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



Aion Celebrates 1 Year F2P and Announces 3.9

It has been one year since Aion made the transition to Free to Play (in Europe). To celebrate this there will be bonuses of all sorts from an increased drop rate to 20% more coins for a limited time. But that isn’t all! Update 3.9 is on it’s way too. This you’ll have to wait a little while for though as it arrives April 17th. With it comes a dungeon finder tool and a server for newbies so they can group together safely and level faster.



PlanetSide 2 Accounts Compromised and Speak Out Against Cheaters

Players of PlanetSide 2 under ProSiebenSat.1 in Europe should log in now and change their passwords. A warning was issued that personal data, email and passwords only have been compromised. Meanwhile Smedley took to Reddit to discuss their approach to banning cheaters. In it he stresses that the war on cheating is one that will never end, and though it may take some time they will catch people cheating.



Dungeons and Dragons Celebrates 7 Years with Big News

DDO Senior Producer Erik Boyer had the pleasure of announcing a few details of what players can look forward to in year 7 as they celebrate the 7th birthday. The new enhancement system will be in public beta this spring, oh and this little thing like an expansion! Shadowfell Conspiracy will focus on new regions in Cormyr. But it won’t just be new regions and quests, there is also a level cap increase. You can get up to level 28 this summer when Shadowfell Conspiracy launches.


Firefall on Television

Firefall is getting a 48 foot long tour bus. And it’s being made by the West Coast Customs crew from Velocity Network’s TV show, Inside West Coast Customs. Best of all they filmed it all and you can see the episode this Sunday, March 3 at 9 PM EST.



Smite Goes Under the Sea

The latest God Reveal video has been released. And this time it is Poseidon, God of the Oceans. Following their usual format, the six minute long video goes into Poseidon’s history and gameplay. You can see it for yourself below.


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