OnRPG Shotgun News 4/24: LoTRO, EQ Next, Neverwinter, and More MMO News

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Hawk

Lord of the Rings Online Announces Helm’s Deep Expansion

helms deep

LOTRO players will get a chance to take part in the battle for Helm’s Deep in the new expansion coming in the fall of this year. Starting at level 10 players will be enlisted to be a soldier in the Battle of the Hornburg, which is to be the most massive conflict yet. New areas of the world including Edoras and Dunharrow will be available to explore and players will get an additional 10 level, bringing the cap to 95.

Storybricks Working with SOE on Everquest Next

Though their Kickstarter campaign failed to make the goal in the end it hasn’t been completely bad news for Namaste Entertainment. In a recent newsletter they announced they’ve been working with Sony Online Entertainment on Everquest Next. Which is really the first thing we’ve heard about EQ:N in forever.

Kartuga Hosting Open Beta Midweek Event

For the next three days anyone can play Kartuga, even if you aren’t part of the closed beta. So grab your friends and take part in this “Board the Servers” stress test. Anyone who participates will have a chance to win a closed beta key so they can continue to play beyond the stress test.

C9 Gets A Raid


Bardiel Seal, the new dungeon coming to C9 has bosses so epic, so hard they had to call it a raid. The God of Fire, Bardiel has escaped from his prison and it is your job, with some help to capture him again, while fighting off three merciless raid monsters. The dungeon will be available to players over level 62.

Origins of Malu Announces Beta Date

Last week I reported that Origins of Malu had temporarily delayed the beta but left it open as to when it would be. Well now we know that the date is May 4th. Or maybe sooner if things go well. And players who are already confirmed for the beta can download the client now in preparation for the coming test.

Neverwinter Reveals the Devils of Helm’s Hold

Deep within the stronghold of Helm’s Hold lives all sorts of terrible creatures, including devils. The town is under the control of a devil worshiping cult. And now Perfect World has released a video so you know what to watch out for in your adventures.


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