OnRPG Shotgun News 4/25: Newwinter, EVE, Black Gold, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Newb

Neverwinter Founder Early Access Begins

Today marks the day anyone who bought one of the Founders packs can access Neverwinter. This marks the soft launch of the the MMO and is only for those who bought the most expensive pack. If you bought one of the others have no fear, Saturday is your day. And if you haven’t bought any of the packs you only need to wait 5 days.

EVE Store Relaunches


CCP has teamed up with Musterbrand to bring all new merchandise to the new EVE store which relaunched today. The store may look a little bit empty at the moment but at the keynote speech during Fanfest more items are promised to be revealed.

Update 11 Hits LOTRO’s Public Test Server

Lord of the Rings Online players who are itching at a look at Update 11 need wait no longer. The patch notes were posted on the forums yesterday and they are lengthy. Some highlights include a mounted combat update, the new region of Wildermore, and a new bug reporting tool.

Snail Games USA Announces Fantasy Steampunk MMO Black Gold

Age of Wushu may have launched but that doesn’t mean Snail Games is slowing down any. They’ve announced Black Gold, a Fantasy MMO inspired by Northern European myths with a large helping of Steampunk thrown in. Dragon mounts, walking cities, and mechs, this game seems to have them all. Check it out in the extended trailer below. And be sure to look out for OnRPG’s coverage of Black Gold at E3.

Ragnarok 2 Launch Date Announced

Warp Portal has announced that Ragnarok 2 will be launching on May 1st. And they promise to have lots of launch day surprises and events as the commercial launch begins.

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