OnRPG Shotgun News 5/10: City of Steam, Age of Wushu, Defiance, Neverwinter, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Editoress


City of Steam Open Beta Now Live


Mechanist Games has been teasing about open beta for some time now and it has finally arrived! Everyone is invited to play regardless of if they have a key or not. Since the last closed beta event 5 months ago a whole lot has changed. There are over 80 dugeons, more than 100 quests, tons of PvP maps and so much more. Check out our dev gameplay from PAX East with everyone’s favorite dev, Gab. http://www.onrpg.com/videos/pax-east-2013-city-of-steam-devplay/ And be on the lookout for an article here on OnRPG next week.


Wargaming Sues Project Tank

Changyou.com, the people behind Project Tank are being sued by Wargaming because they claim Project Tank is a little bit too much like World of Tanks. Changyou has denied the allegations while making a few of their own, calling the World of Tanks developers bullies and underhanded. Including going so far as to say they got Project Tank’s Facebook page shut down.


Age of Wushu Hosts Royal Celebration


Today marks the start of a Royal Celebration in Age of Wushu that will see events scattered throughout the month. It will include everything from a Double EXP weekend to getting extra VIP time when you buy more time and even prizes just for being logged in for a two hour time period on the weekend. You can find out about all 16 events taking place on the Age of Wushu website.


Defiance DLC Announces

The first DLC for Trion’s Defiance has been announced. It is being called Enter the Castithan for now, until the marketing department comes up with something awesome. Why is it called that? Well say hello to the Castithan race as a playable option! One of the seven Votan races, the Castithan are the most Human like of them all though pale and think themselves better than everyone else. The DLC will also grant access to the new Castithan battle arena mode. And everyone will get access to a new PvP map, will be able to join friends battle arenas, access to Sieges and much more. While more things will be added to the store for purchase. There isn’t a date for the release of the DLC yet but you can be sure it will be in Shotgun News when there is.


Star Trek Online Invites You to Open Beta


Yep, you read that right. STO is holding an open beta weekend. They want your help on the Tribble Test server as they bring out new content that will be released with the Legacy of Romulus expansion. Anyone to takes part for at least 1 hour will earn an exclusive reward which will be made available after the launch of the expansion.


Neverwinter Double Astral Diamond Weekend

This weekend Neverwinter is in celebration mode as things settle after the push into open beta. Celebrations mean awesome stuff for the fans. This time around it is a double Astral Diamond Weekend! Starting today at 12 PM Pacific time every activity you do that earns you Astral Diamonds you get double. This counts for the rough version too. So break out your portable altars and get out there for the quests.

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