OnRPG Shotgun News 5/15: Allods, Dragon Nest, and Smite

Allods Announces Dungeon Builder

gPotato has announced they’re adding a new dungeon builder to Allods Online. The expansion will allow players to generate their own dungeons and game content for themselves, their friends, and other players. The patch, called Path to Victory is due to launch June 5th with many more features including an all new Weaponsmith tradeskill.


Dragon Nest Europe Announces Mare Oblivion


The third major patch has been announced for Dragon Nest Europe. Mare Oblivion introduces the Nest of the Sea Dragon, a new farming system, and some new items as well. Players interested in getting some buffs will now have the opportunity to become farmers and even learn recipes to cook the food they produce on their farm or catch from the sea.


Smite Introduces Isis

Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Magic has been introduced to Smite. She is a scepter wielding mage with abilities like Spirit Ball and Circle of Protection. You can find out more about Isis, her abilities and how she plays in various scenarios in the video below.

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